About Us

The closest most kids get to hot rod cars is ‘racing’ a miniature version around their bedroom floor– but not Kayo! He was lucky enough to live down the street from a neighbor who built street rods in his garage.  Fascinated by the shiny paint and big motors, Kayo and a couple of his buddies hung around the neighbor’s house hoping to get their hands on one of those cars.  At age eleven, Kayo’s neighbor was letting him clean parts.  By sixteen, Kayo was spending all of his free time welding, painting, and building motors.

After graduating from high school in Western Maryland, Kayo joined the Marine Corps.  Stationed in Camp Lejeune, Kayo served his country from 1983-1987 where he trained as a tank, LAV, and motor T mechanic.  When he completed his service in the US Marine Corps, Kayo decided to pursue his lifelong dream of owning and operating an independent garage.

Kayo devoted the next few years to schooling and gaining experience by working for garages and dealerships in the Camp Lejeune area.  In 1991, he opened his first garage as a solo mechanic.  Today, Kayo runs a full-service operation with six full-time employees.  “This industry has changed a lot over the past twenty years”, explains Kayo, “Mechanics used to be viewed as ‘grease monkeys’ who didn’t get a lot of respect; they only needed a few wrenches to get the job done.  Today, mechanics are also computer technicians and programmers who stay current with the latest technology.  I buy a new computer every six months!”

Jacksonville NC Hubert Auto Repair ServicesAt Kayo’s Auto Service , you’ll find more than several high-tech computers (including OEM scan tools—Original Equipment Manufacturer machines just like the ones GM uses).  You’ll also find a tight team of dedicated and highly educated service technicians.  Kayo requires that all of his technicians complete at least 40 hours of continuing education per year, and he pays for all of it.  “I’m a strong believer in education”, says Kayo.

His personal commitment to community schools reflects his belief in the importance of education.  Kayo’s Auto Service proudly sponsors nearly 20 schools and sports programs in and around the Jacksonville-Swansboro area (see list below).  A former soccer coach for youth leagues, Kayo has seen first hand what a positive difference sports and after school programs make in the lives of children.  “We’ve provided buses to send local teams to the state championships and sponsored groups to keep kids busy.  If they play sports, they don’t need to hire lawyers for getting into trouble!”

In addition to supporting community youth, Kayo’s Auto Service participates in motorcycle charity rides for Wounded Warriors.  Kayo is also an active member of the IGONC (Independent Garage Owners Association of North Carolina), a non-profit organization that provides the tools to help other young mechanics achieve their dreams of successful independent ownership.

Meet our team:

It seems that the automotive world is always influencing Matt’s life. He has worked at Kayo’s since 2004, while working hard and attending high school. He graduated from White Oak High, and extended his automotive education at Nascar Tech for 2 years, then returned to Kayo’s. On top of all this, Matt has worked hard throughout the years and is now ranked as an Eagle Scout.

When he’s not working or spending time with family and friends, Matt enjoys hiking, mud bogging, and jet skiing. He is also a big sports fanatic. He enjoys football the most, with his favorite teams being the Panthers and the Cowboys. Matt enjoys working at Kayo’s because it gives him the ability to go to school and learn about new automotive technology. He learns a lot there and everyone gets along real well and if help is needed with a problem someone will guide you or show you how to get the answer. It is a great learning environment.

Mark is very grateful for his job in the automotive industry at Kayo’s and for the family he has acquired there.

“I am a person with a disability who was given a chance to be a part of an awesome team here at Kayo’s. I have been working here for over 10 years and have learned a lot. To me the people here at Kayo’s are more like family. I like living independently and being able to pay my own bills. If it was not for my job here that would not be possible. I have grown up a lot in 10 years. I still have a lot to learn and I still have a lot of personal issues that I deal with everyday. Being able to get up and come to work daily gives me a good feeling about myself.

He has worked in the automotive repair industry for over 10 years. He joined Kayo’s Auto Service in 2000. In addition to working with cars at work, Mark enjoys eating, playing pool, fishing, cycling and most importantly, football. His favorite team being the Panthers.

Kristina started working at Kayo’s in April 2010. She enjoys working at Kayo’s because it gives her the opportunity to learn about the automotive industry. She gets to meet and develop relationships with new and established customers. She agrees with everyone else and says that working at Kayo’s is like a family work environment.

When she’s not working at the front desk of Kayo’s Auto Service, Kristina spends time with her two adorable kids. Some of her favorite past times are going to concerts, playing disc golf, foosball, and cornhole. And just like the guys, Kristina enjoys football, with her favorite team being the Steelers.

Bill served our amazing country in the United States Marine Corps from 1993-1997. Bill has worked at Kayo’s since 2000 and agrees with all his other coworkers that it is such a great environment and great group of people to work with everyday.

He likes working at Kayo’s because he likes trying to find new solutions to different problems he encounters. He normally doesn’t have the same problems over and over. His motto for work: “Learn as you go. Learn something new everyday.” In his free time, Bill enjoys bow hunting for deer and turkey. He also enjoys these other outdoors activities: fishing, boating and riding ATV’s.

Donny represented our great country in the United States Marine Corps from 1982-1991. He has worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years. He started working at Kayo’s in 2009 and says that working at Kayo’s is a great experience he has been part of. He enjoys working at Kayo’s because it is such a great family friendly atmosphere, there is teamwork among co-workers, and the fact that is non-stressful job, makes it all much better. When he isn’t working on cars, he enjoys soccer, riding his motorcycle, and drag racing.

JB has been working at Kayo’s since February of 2010. A personal note from JB:
“I enjoy my job because I get to meet new people everyday and have the opportunity to truly help someone in their time of need. It’s our job to make sure that their visit is enjoyable and they are happy and feel good about their visit when they leave. All of my coworkers are fun to work with. Everyone here is outgoing and doesn’t mind pitching in when it comes to helping the customer. We don’t just look at out customers as a dollar, we look at them as a potential friendship. We don’t mind explaining in detail what we are doing to their care and why. We will notify you of repairs needed but will never push costly up-sales just to make a dollar.”

In his spare time JB is a volunteer firefighter. He has great support from his fiance’ and 17 month old daughter. He enjoys riding motorcycles and going to the beach with family. He is a huge fan of MMA, cage fighting, UFC, camping, hiking, paintball, drag racing, working out, and shooting guns.